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COVID-19 Information

We have pulled together some “swimming specific” resources to assist Member Clubs and our membership in navigating the COVID-19 Protection Framework requirements.


An event is an activity organised by a business or service that is held at commercial premises or private premises, publicly owned premises for the purpose of the activity or an outdoor area where a group of customers and clients is accompanied or supervised by a worker providing services to that group (for example, a guided tour). Entry is controlled through ticketing, fees, registration or by any other means. It excludes any activities at a private home. An example of this would be a swim meet or competition. 

Click here to learn more about restrictions for events

A gathering is people who are intermingling in a group but excludes people who remain at least 2 metres away from each other, so far as reasonably practicable. It includes gatherings to undertake voluntary or not-for-profit sporting, recreational, social or cultural activities. An example of this could be a swim training session.

Click here to learn more about restrictions for gatherings



New Zealand Government Guidelines                          
   Swimming NZ Guidelines
   Sport NZ Guidelines