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Competition Types

Development Meet vs Designated Meet


DEVELOPMENT MEETS provide regular racing opportunities in low pressure and fun-focused environment where times can be recorded and submitted to the Swimming NZ Results database.

There will be no disqualification forms issued; however, a blatant infringement of the Swimming Rules may result in the time not being recorded. Organisers, whether that be the Member Club or Regional body, and all participants are encouraged to uphold the Swimming Rules to the best of their ability.

There is no requirement to have accredited Technical Officials on the pool deck. However, it is encouraged to use Development Meets as a training ground for budding Technical Officials. These meets are also a good opportunity for established Technical Officials to further hone their skills.

Times obtained at a Development Meet, once uploaded to the Swimming NZ Results database, may be used to enter future competitions depending on the entry criteria applied. However, no Regional or National records can be obtained at a Development Meet.

There are a variety of meets that can be conducted under a Development Meet banner, such as a Ribbon Night or an Inter-Club Invitational. Whilst there are no requirements for pre-approval from Swimming Otago, the below templates are recommended to be used to ensure the results are able to be uploaded in an efficient and timely manner. 

Development Meet Officiating Policy

The Process          Entry Form Template.xlsx          Lane Timer Sheet Template.xlsx          Results Template.xlsx


DESIGNATED MEETS provide athletes with the opportunity to achieve qualifying times for national championships, and other competitions, with a greater emphasis on performance racing.

Designated meets are conducted under Swimming Otago and Swimming NZ rules, regulations, and policies, in conjunction with the Swimming Rules. Infringements do result in disqualification forms being issued.

There is a minimum requirement of accredited Technical Officials to be present on the pool deck to ensure the competition meets Swimming NZ designated approval standards. Times obtained at Designated meets can be used to enter future competitions, such as national championships, where it is outlined in the meet information that only times from designated meets will be accepted.

Either the Referee or Technical Director are required to sign off the officials' requirements for a Designated Meet, and all entries are to be completed online.

A Designated Meet should be a calendared competition and requires pre-approval from Swimming Otago.

Designated Meet Officiating Policy