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Race Day Nutrition in a Nutshell

It's hard to know what to bring as a snack while racing; there seems to be such a fine line between foods that make you feel 'ick' in the water versus those that just don't provide you with the necessary energy! Click to find out how to optimise your race day nutrition for optimal performance!

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What kinds of foods should I eat before training/competition?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what kind of foods are ideal to consume before training or racing? Wondering what kinds of foods can fuel your body for performance? We have your answer! Click to find out how to optimise your pre race/training nutrition for performance!

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Nutrition Content Targeted Towards Athletes Coming Soon!

We have teamed up with three University of Otago students to make nutrition information more accessible for our members, breaking down the barriers to receiving accurate and relevant information and giving each and every athlete the best chance for success in our sport and beyond. Click to learn more!

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