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Competitions can be long and boring, with some sessions lasting up to four hours. New parents can find this a bit overwhelming, particularly as they sit there, breathing in the chlorine, to watch their child race for five minutes!

To alleviate the boredom, why not volunteer?

It is an opportunity to learn more about the sport, including all that gibberish: tapers, psych sheets, heats and what exactly a split is, and you meet people within the swimming community.

Not sold yet…what about a prime seat and snacks while you work!

Most importantly, you will be able to discuss the competition with your child afterwards, talking about more than just their races. Trust me, the first time you say, “Hey, did you see that Sam broke 2 minutes today?” Your child will not only be impressed that you are paying attention, but you understand the sport giving the impression that you actually enjoy attending their competitions!!

The next time you are at a competition, take a look around….every adult you see (who isn’t a Coach) is a volunteer; they were once a new swimming parent just like you. Perhaps you are a little unsure where to start, how to help, or even doubtful that you want to be that involved.

Give it a go!

There are many jobs to choose from, and we hope to help dispel any mystery surrounding those roles you see being undertaken around the pool deck and behind the blocks (scenes).

Here are just a few options open to anyone with the time, desire, and willingness to give a little of themselves to assist the many athletes working to fulfil their dreams.

Non-accredited roles are open to anyone with the time, desire, and willingness to give a little of themselves to help our athletes work toward fulfilling their dreams.

In contrast, the accredited positions below involve theoretical and practical training where you can extend your knowledge and build on your skills as you progress along the officiating pathway.

COME AND JOIN US…All Swimming NZ and Swimming Otago Officials are volunteers and contribute significantly to the sport's development across all levels. So go on, don't be shy: we would love to welcome you to the team!!