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Regulations and By-Laws

Swimming New Zealand current Regulations and By-Laws

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Swimming Otago and Swimming New Zealand current constitution docments

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Conditions of Membership

By entering your details into this website and paying your membership fee, you are making applications for membership of Swimming New Zealand, the regional association to which your swimming club belongs and the swimming club declared by you in the online application form.

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Member Protection Policy

The Member Protection Policy has been developed to provide an outline of Swimming New Zealand’s responsibilities and the responsibilities of affiliated organisations and individuals associated with Swimming New Zealand, on a range of key issues such as child protection, anti-discrimination, harassment etc.

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Disputes & Disciplinary Policy

The objectives of the Disputes and Disciplinary Policy are to determine alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy. To resolve disputes that may arise between members and To make decisions on appeals by a Member against a decision of a Regional Association or Member Club involving suspension, expulsion, penalty or material detriment to the Member.

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