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Technical Suit Restrictions

Technical/Performance Race Suit Policy for 12 & under Competitors 



Restrict the use of technical/performance race suits for all competitors aged 12 years and under, whilst competing at all Swimming Otago sanctioned events.


To keep our young athletes in our sport, we need to be providing an environment that encourages them and keeps the level of competition and pressure appropriate for their age. 

Research indicates there are no beneficial gains by young swimmers using a Technical/Performance suit therefore let’s eliminate the option, in turn reducing barriers for our swimming families. The cost of Technical/Performance suits makes them unattainable for many families. Swimming Otago does not want to add any extra financial pressure on parents with unnecessary purchases. We understand that for various reasons, cost of suits may not be an issue for all swimmers. However, in order to effectively police this change, we must restrict all suits of this style.

Personal best times should not be the only evaluation or measure of success for younger athletes. Technique and skill development is essential for all long-term swimmer development. It is crucial that as swimmer’s progress through the sport they have developed a solid foundation in technique and stroke development to enable them to achieve higher results in the latter years of their journey.

Our aim is to assist in building mentally-strong athletes, confident in his or her own ability and training ethic rather than an athlete depending on a technical/performance suit to get an improved result.

The decision to ban all types of Technical/Performance suits regardless of brand, style or fabric in the knee length range was to make it easier to regulate visually from a distance. We felt that it was not appropriate to place an athlete or an official in a position where the suits would need to be inspected at close range. 

Implementation Date:

1st January 2019


To read the full Tech Suit Policy please click here